Connecting Kids to the Great Outdoors


When my daughters were little my husband Rob and I would take them on long walks through the Mazo marsh, or on hikes at Devil’s Lake or  nearby Blackhawk Ridge.   Our walks usually resulted in a new discovery of some kind; an abandoned nest, animal or bird tracks, or a brief glimpse of a heron , sandhill crane or turkey vulture.

I owe my love for the outdoors to my mom.  She favored horseback riding to hiking so I spent a lot of time on trail rides with her when I was a kid.  As I got older I would head out with my dog on aimless walks along the creek behind my house.   Not really looking for anything.  Just being.

I read  Michael Bryson’s post today and it brought me back to those earlier times with my family.   Look for his daughter’s poem at the end.  It says it all.

To Apprehend the Wild, Don’t Forget the Kids | The Center for Humans & Nature Blog.

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