Sauk Prairie Migratory Bird Week


My community of Sauk Prairie was designated a Wisconsin Bird City in 2011.  Sauk Prairie is not the technical name but is how some residents of the villages of Sauk City and Prairie du Sac refer to the area we live because it is quicker than going into a long explanation about why the two villages have not consolidated at this point (I apologize for this very long run on sentence).

There were 39 Bird City communities in Wisconsin when the Bird City committee, made up of various village representatives and individuals interested in protecting birds, applied for BC status.  The Bird City initiative is based on the Tree City USA initiative dBeveloped by the National Arbor Day Foundation.  The goal of Bird City Wisconsin is to “Make our communities healthy for birds… and for people.”  The focus of the BC effort is to improve habitat and reduce threats to birds.

Our community had a head-start in the improving bird habitat category.  We are known for our wintering eagle population thanks to the work done by the Ferry Bluff Eagle Council.

Sauk Prairie is now working on projects that will make our community even better for birds.

We are celebrating Migratory Bird Week April 27-May 4.   Throughout the week bird walks led by birding experts are being planned at various sites along the river in both villages.  The community libraries (each village has its own library) will be displaying bird books and coordinating reading activities for area kids.

The week will end Saturday May 4 with the Great Wisconsin Birdathon.  I joined the Bird City-Sauk Prairie team as a novice birder hoping to learn a few things from the experienced members of the team while enjoying a day of birdwatching.  Our team goal is to identify 100 species of birds and to raise $2,000 towards local and statewide bird projects.   For more information about the Sauk Prairie Migratory Bird week visit our web site.  Please consider donating to help our team reach its goal.

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