Clean Water – How You Can Help

I’d like to introduce you to a young woman who is passionate about the environment, filmmaking and writing — Brady Loomis.

I met Brady through a mutual friend.  He sent me a link to her blog ladybroomis. I immediately felt a connection and asked if she’d be interested in being a guest blogger. To my great pleasure she said yes.

Brady will be a senior at UW-Madison this fall;  she double majors in Journalism and Environmental Studies.   She is spending the summer with Clean Wisconsin as a communication intern working on a campaign she created for them, Keep the Great Lakes Great.

You’ll hear more from Brady throughout the year.   If you like what you read please comment.  I’ll pass along your thoughts.



Summer 2013 has been anything but dry. The whole state has been experiencing storms almost on a weekly basis. All this storm water has to go somewhere and when it ends up in the lakes and rivers it takes waste and chemicals from streets and yards with it. Below are a few easy ways to help prevent storm water from bringing nasty waste into the lakes and rivers:

–         Maintaining and planting vegetation along the shoreline. This will stop waste and the plants will absorb water.

–         Installing rain barrels to prevent rain water from bringing yard waste into the water ways

–         Avoid spraying fertilizers on your yard. They are not always necessary and bring unnecessary chemicals into waterways.

–         Be sure to clean up after your pet, even in your own yard. Extra phosphorus in the lakes creates algae blooms, which make the lakes gross to be around and swim in.

–         Create a rain garden in your yard or in your community. This will give storm water a productive place to drain to and create a beautiful garden at the same time.

We take pride in our lakes and rivers here in Wisconsin. With these helpful tips, Wisconsinites can prevent further damage to our waterways.  It’s our job to help keep them healthy and beautiful by doing our part this summer.

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